Hi. I’m Zara.Nice to meet you.

I’m doing a PhD in Political Philosophy by supervision at two UK departments. This PhD is different from many PhDs insofar as I’m doing it mostly from home, due a long-term health impairment known as ME/CFS and a few others that decide to join in with the party along the way.

This blog is a way of facilitating connections that would ordinarily happen through being able to physically mooch about one or more departments, reading groups, and the like.  While I’m working hard to secure better generalised remote access to graduate seminars and workshops in my department, it’s a long, slow road.

In the meantime, I’m going to be using this space to support me in taking each of the baby steps required to go from bright ideas and burning questions to a fully fledged PhD project. It’s a work in progress, so the caveat on any of my posts is this: someone may have said it before, and better, and I might not have read it yet.

That’s where I’m hoping you’ll all be able to help me out, as would happen in presentations or circulations of work more accessible to a not-housebound PhD student.

So if you’ve heard what I’ve said before, or you think I’ve missed something important, you’re probably right, and I’d be grateful if you’d do me the courtesy of sharing your thoughts in the comments below each piece.

I run two other blogs you might be interested in reading:

PhDisabled – capturing experiences at the intersection of disability, chronic illness and academia. (@phdisabled)

falasafaz! – accessible teaching and learning resources in introductory-level philosophy. (@falasafaz)

Find me on twitter at @zaranosaur.

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